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Since 1980 I have provided a variety of research & consulting services, including clinical data management, research design, and statistical analysis. I continue to advise graduate students as a committee member for Ph.D. research at Saybrook. In 1990 I began Coffman Consulting to offer a range of research and professional services to individuals, institutions, and businesses. My academic affiliations/projects included:

Emory University, Emory University School of Nursing, research consultant on NIH funded project.

University California at San Francisco (UCSF), UCSF School of Nursing, Research Faculty, Clinical data manager for a multi-site NIH funded research project.

John F. Kennedy University, Research Associate, Marketing and institutional research, enrollment and retention studies.

Pennsylvania State University, Research Assistant, Clinical Research Laboratories, Department of Psychology, psychophysiological and sleep studies.

Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, Faculty, with primary duties focused on teaching research methods and serving on doctoral dissertation committees.

My current interests are focused on health research. This includes the impact of alternative health treatments on persons with chronic illness; the impact of biobehavioral treatments on persons with chronic pain; and the impact of self-regulation therapies and/or self-development strategies on health behaviors and quality of life.


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