Clinical Services

My clinical services are provided as a licensed psychologist in California (PSY22096), specializing in behavioral medicine and health psychology.

Since 1986 I have provided clinical services in a variety of medical, psychiatric, and psychological settings, primarily as a Masters level psychophysiological therapist. After working for several years in academia and non-profit sectors following earning a Ph.D. in psychology, I returned to providing direct clinical services and subsequently completed three years of supervised medical psychology training in an interdisciplinary medical clinic setting.

My clinical experience encompasses anxiety, mood, and sleep disorders; pain and stress management; and existential-humanistic and transpersonal counseling. I am nationally certified in biofeedback and applied psychophysiology (BCIAC3105).

Clinical services include:

Behavioral medicine: Behavioral treatment for diagnosed medical conditions improves your functioning and your quality of life, while assisting you in minimizing medication needs.

Psychological services: Cognitive and psychological assessment as well as individual psychotherapy for emotional, psychiatric, or psychological issues can identify personal strengths and weaknesses, assist you in recovery, and help you optimize your daily functioning.

Biofeedback training: Learning to modify physiological responses and to relax more effectively reduces many dysfunctional patterns, including insomnia, worry, pain, or difficulties with focus and attention.

Behavioral health counseling / Lifestyle medicine: Working together we develop a strategy to resolve current health challenges, prevent their recurrence, and improve health using a combination of holistic and conventional techniques that you apply to create changes in your lifestyle and daily activities.

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Those who wish to see me for treatment of diagnosed medical conditions are recommended to have a referral from their primary care or primary treating physician to facilitate third-party reimbursement. I accept Medicare, and am an out-of-network provider on other insurance plans. If you choose to use private health insurance, please review the following statement:

If you read the fine print, you’ll notice that when you sign an insurance form you are authorizing your therapist to give confidential information to anyone in the insurance company—anyone, even a secretary or clerk — who demands it. If your therapist refuses to release or only provides limited details of this information, the insurance company can deny payment, demand return of all payments they have made, and refuse further payments. Where does this intimate information from your therapy, this personal information about you, go when they get it? Anywhere they want it to go.  It has been documented that insurance companies have traded, bartered, and sold personal health information to other corporations. The information can then be used against you to justify increase of premiums, deny you credit, or impact your employment. This is why I discourage the use of insurance, and offer to modify fees to accommodate those who are motivated to proceed but have difficulty paying the full fee. However, it is your choice to proceed in the manner you find most appropriate for your situation.

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