Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies:

Holistic Health Education & Transpersonal Psychology.

In addition to conventional training in academic psychology, research and statistical methods, and supervised professional training in health psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapies necessary for becoming a licensed clinical psychologist, my background includes training in a variety of holistic health and transpersonal techniques. This professional training began while earning a Master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies, and has continued with additional training from many teachers in the 20 years since then. These include study and supervised training in:

Acupressure & Meridian Therapies; Altered States Therapies; Autogenic Therapy; Shamanic Counseling; Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong; Transpersonal/Spiritual Crisis & anomalous experiences; and Yoga.

While I don’t present myself as an expert in all of these areas, I am experienced and knowledgeable with them and include elements from these disciplines as needed when developing an individual treatment strategy. I utilize a combination of Functional Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine, meaning individualized treatment focused on the needs of the person is the guiding principle in our developing a treatment approach. This provides a more comprehensive type of therapy, where consideration is given not only to mental and emotional issues, but to the entire body-emotion-mind-spirit complex a person embodies.

For example, in addition to interpersonal “talk" therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or biofeedback therapy in regularly scheduled sessions, complete with homework focused on skill development, it is common for me to discuss nutrition, to prescribe outdoor exercise, or recommend daily Qigong exercises when working with anxiety or depression. Although many of these holistic and transpersonal techniques have demonstrated effectiveness in treating a variety of physical and emotional challenges, they are often considered “experimental” by institutional and insurance authorities. This is particularly true of any transpersonal or spiritual considerations, or of techniques that address human beings as living energy systems (and not simply as machine-like bags of chemicals).  Therefore, much of my practice is experimental in nature, including use of biofeedback, classified as experimental by many insurance plans in spite of over 30 years of solid laboratory and clinical evidence of its efficacy.


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